Tog’s competition

OK You have had a quiz from Rod. How did you do ? Now here’s a time-passer for those times where you just want to sit and pass the time ! It will keep you and the webpage ticking over during the down-time from football.

From the letters of  ………..


…… how many words, of five letters or more, can you make out of our beloved football club’s name ?

Rules :-

Either singular or plural words – BUT NOT BOTH

No names, places, slang, rude nor swear words, derogatory nor offensive words

No prizes offered; it’s just for fun !

If you want to “make a comment” with your total and name, please do so.

4 thoughts on “Tog’s competition

  1. stratfordtownisa says:

    Sorry Sue, you need to take out the four letter words. I typed “four” originally by mistake,before very swiftly changing it to “five”. I am sure there must be 100+ with 4 letters or more !


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