Stratford Town Independent Supporters Association are delighted to announce the launch of a monthly lottery.

The money raised will enable us to consider purchasing or replacing equipment which otherwise STFC may not be able to finance.

The STISA committee invite all members, supporters and friends of STFC to join a scheme commencing on the 1st March 2017, which offers a very attractive monthly cash draw prize for a minimum of just £5 per month for one entry.

Joining is very simple and only requires you to set up a monthly Standing Order from your bank account to the STISA Bank Account.

Prize draws will be made on a monthly basis (e.g. 25th of each month). The monthly prize money will be £100.00 each draw, providing enough people participate, but also the more people that join the more prize money will be offered.

Please join, and encourage others (family, work colleagues, friends etc.) to be part of helping to raise funds by STISA for the reasons as above in paragraph 2 as well as giving you a chance to win a cash prize.

An application form, and T&C’s are available through these links



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