Stratford Town Quiz

To help pass the time before the epic cup tie against the Shrews, our very own historian Martin Kenny has put together this fun quiz on all things STFC and Stratford related.

1. Name the Stratford Town player (below) that made his debut at 16 years old and was transfered from Wigan Athletic to Sunderland in 2018 for £3 million?

2. Which Sky Television pundit provided funds for the club in the 1980s?

3. Name the former Town player that scored a league hat trick at Old Traffford?

4. Name the former goalkeeper shown in the photograph below who now takes on a different role at the club?

5. Name the former resident of Tiddington and composer of Jerusalem and Nimrod who used to cycle from the Malverns to the Moulineux to watch Wolverhampton Wanderers play.

6. How did a spectator prevent our FA Cup tie with Scarborough Athletic from being postponed?

7. Name our former home that is shown here in a derelict state?

8. Name the follow Town Manager shown here overseeing the construction of our current stadium?

9. Name the former Birmingham City player who as  manager achieved two promotions from the Midlands Alliance to our current position in the Midland Premier Division of the Southern League?

10. Name the manager (director of football) that lifted the Southern League Cup in 2019?

The first person to bring 10 correct answers in writing to the club shop on Sunday will receive a highly sought after STFC beanie hat.

2 thoughts on “Stratford Town Quiz

  1. Alan Cockbill says:

    Just wishing everyone at the club best wishes and good luck on Sunday from three old brummies who have wonderful memories of playing at probably the freindliest club in football all the very best Berty Mick Timmy (pat foley days)


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