Ticketing statement

STFC have given the following statement to the supporters association with regards to their partnership with Seatedly.

“We chose Seatedly over other e-Ticketing solutions because the guys are a Stratford upon Avon company.

Booking Fee Charge 4.5% per ticket.

Adult £11.00 = 50p BF per ticket

Concession £8.00 = 36p

Student £5.00 = 23p

Under16 £2.00 = 9p

Under 12s Free = 0p

Seatedly pay the Club the booking fee charges.

The Club pay Seatedly monthly for the usage of the platform and technical support.

Over the year this should balance each other out. Meaning no additional cost to the club for having to put the platform in due to Covid_19 and FA guidelines.”

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