“The biggest word tonight is Relief” – Paul Davis

P Davis

“I think relief is the word that sums tonight up” admitted Paul Davis afterwards.

” Before the game I made a really conscious effort not to put the nerves and the magnitude of the game onto the players, so it was a balance between not playing the game up and not playing it down.

I thought that the players carried out our game plan brilliantly.  It probably looked as if we played better tonight than we have done recently, but you have to take the standard of the opposition into account.

I doubt if we’ve had more of the ball in any other game this season than we’ve had tonight but we missed so many chances.

When it’s 1-0 anything can happen and when chances are missed you begin to wonder if  it’s not your day and they might nick one so although we dominated the game and were in total control it was difficult to relax.

On an individual note I though that Kyle Rowley and Dan Alessi were absolutely  different class against Redditch’s big centre forward and I don’t think they missed a header all night while a special mention must also go to Dan Sweeney for his two goals

The new keeper is on loan initially for a month but if we like him and he likes us we’ll keep him of the rest of the season. He didn’t have a lot to do but what he did he did well and being at Wolves he’s obviously got some quality.

So overall I’m pleased with how tonight has gone, but the biggest word is relief.”

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