“When you make mistakes that lead to goals it costs you games” – Paul Davis


“What we can’t do is keep making individual errors”  complained Paul Davis after seeing his side put in a competitive first half performance only to see it all go wrong in the second.

“I appreciate that players at this level make mistakes but what we need to do is make less mistakes.  Teams playing against us make mistakes but not as many as us.

I thought that we did well in the first half and OK in the second, and I can’t recall a game this season when we’ve created as many chances as we did today.

But we conceded two poor goals, and when you make mistakes like that which lead to goals they cost you games, while we also made mistakes at the other end such as not shooting when the opportunity arrives or not moving the ball quickly enough.

And it’s frustrating because I felt at half time that we would score and that if we kept a clean sheet we would win, but because of our mistakes we didn’t keep a clean sheet and we didn’t score enough goals. which is why we ended up with nothing”

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