Fund Raising Race Night 20th March

In our continued support of Stratford Town Football Club the supporters association are delighted to have partnered with the club in a fundraising race night on 20th March 2020.

Steve Wood will be our steward for the night and we will have 8 races on the card. We have already sold sponsorship for the races but we need active members to sell the horses for £5 each. We would also like to fill the room on the night and have some fun. Please share this with friends and family as we build up to an exciting evening.

For further details please see any of the committee members

“Because certain players didn’t follow instructions we’ve ended up with one point instead of three” – Paul Davis


“We didn’t come out for the second half and there’s no reason why” complained a distraught Paul Davis after seeing Hitchin grab their added time equaliser.

“Obviously when you’re 2-0 down you got nothing to lose so Hitchin piled forward and we just buckled.  The players have got to take responsibility on the pitch and they’ve got to deal with situations better.

I said to the players at half time that the worst case scenario is for the game to finish 2-0 so just manage it , take the sting out of it and do what a proper football team should do but we didn’t do that.

So we’re back to 2-2 then Leam Howards comes on and after his bad miss on Saturday shows what he’s capable of .and digs us out of trouble.  I’m pleased for him as he works hard and is a goal scorer.

Then at the end Courtney should probably clear the ball first time and instead commits the foul.

But we’re quite religious on set pieces .  Dale (Belford) does them, Jim (Scott) did them before Dale was here and I did them under Tommy Wright and last season under Thomas Baillie. so every player knows their job.

So what’s frustrating tonight is that the wall for the free kick should be made up of a certain four players but only Kyle Rowley of those four is in the wall so others have had to take their place.

The other three players are missing even though they know where they should be and there’s zero excuse for them.

When the players put themselves into a position at 2-0 and again at 3-2 where they can win the game they have to do as we’ve asked them to see it out , but because they didn’t do that  we have ended up with one point instead of three.

It’s not the first time it’s’ happened but it’s been highlighted here because Hitchin  scored and we’ve lost points because of it..

So the players haven’t taken responsibility at crucial times.   They’ve put themselves in a position to win this game twice and they’ve cost themselves three points twice.”

Town v Hitchin – Read Rod’s Stats

                                                        Match Stats by Rod Abrahams

     Stratford      Hitchin
         9 Goal Attempts        18
         6 On Target          7
         0 Blocked Shots          0
         0 Hit Woodwork          3
         3 Corners Won          8
         5 Crosses into Box         7
        10 Fouls Conceded         7
          6 Off Side         1
          2 Yellow Cards         1
          0 Red Cards         0

Lewis Moves To The Puritans


The reason for Lewis Wilson’s absence from Town’s matchday squad at kings Langley became apparent this afternoon (Monday) when it was announced that he had moved to Banbury United.

Known for his versatility and reliability Lewis joined Town in the summer of 2018 and during the 2018/19 season he featured in 52 of Town’s 58 games with only Jimmy Fry and Wilson Carvalho ahead of him in the appearances chart.

And it has been the same this term as before Saturday he had only missed one of Ttown’s 32 games when he was an unused substitute in the League Cup tie against Halesowen when Tommy Wright opted for some squad rotation.

He also chipped in with some vital goals scoring eight last season and 3 in the current campaign.

Read more on the link below :-


Kings Langley – Read Rod’s Stats


                                                        Match Stats by Rod Abrahams

   Stratford    K/Langley
       11 Goal Attempts          8
         3 On Target          4
          0 Blocked Shots          0
          0 Hit Woodwork          0
          7 Corners Won        11
          9 Crosses into Box          8
          8 Fouls Conceded          9
          4 Off Side          2
           0 Yellow Cards          2
           0 Red Cards          0


Dale’s In The Dug Out


Paul Davis confirmed after the game at Kings Langley that Dale Belford who recently left Nuneaton Town has been appointed Assistant Manager in place of Jim Scott who has left the Club.

Paul went on to explain “Dale will be with us until the end of the season and we will discuss where we are in the summer  to see what will develop going forward.  A man of his experience is very good to have on board.  He’s been with us for ten days and has been nothing but different class

So the management team from now on through to the end will be myself, Dale and Steve Walker.”