“The Board Are Fully Backing Me To Get it Right” – Paul Davis


Commenting firstly on the suggestion after the Barwell game that it might have been his last one in charge Paul Davis was honest enough to admit that any decision in that respect wouldn’t have been his.

“As I said before I want to lead this football club and I want to bring  back the feelgood factor which we had last season.   I had a long conversation with Jed McCrory and the Board through the week and they are now fully backing me to get it right.

We had a honest chat about some players possibly not being up to the required standard and also needing a little bit of a freshening up among the staff, so I made a conscious effort to bring back Nathan Marsh as Goalkeeping Coach who will also add a touch of joviality to the dressing room.

In terms of today I felt that we were much better than on Tuesday.  We defended well against the highest scoring team in the League  and I’m finding it difficult because  some key decisions went against us.

For their second goal I’m convinced it was a goal kick and not a corner and when it comes across our keeper ends up on the floor  but no foul is given.

Five minutes previously Chris Wreh had been hauled down in the penalty area in front of the linesman who tells me that  in their pre-match briefing those decisions are to be taken solely by the referee..

So those big moments five minutes apart are where we are.  They’re riding high and they get that bit of luck with those decisions whereas we don’t.

As a result I’ve got a dressing room that’s flat because they feel they’ve given everything and got nothing out of it

I ‘ve just said to the boys that it was much improved today and what can’t happen is that we put in these type of performance and then suddenly go back to a Peterborough, Coalville or Barwell.

We have to build on today and reproduce it against Hitchin next week

It’s all about expectation.  Games like today everyone expects you to be up against it so they go away happyish but games against sides like Hitchin we are expected to win and it’s not as easy as that.  Hitchin will come here and make it difficult for us and we’ve got to be prepared for them to do that.”

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