“I’ve Just Said to the Players That Sort Of Performance Means That You Don’t Want Me In Charge” – Paul Davis


“I’ve just said to the players that sort of performance means that you don’t want me in charge” was the reaction of a distraught Paul Davis afterwards.

“I commented before about taking one step forward  and two steps back.  I felt we have been taking forwards steps recently but tonight we’ve just plummeted and I have to admit I never saw it coming as it did.

In some ways it was as bad as at Peterborough. We gave up there.    I didn’t think we did tonight, but I was persuaded to change our shape in the second half to go three at the back and I shouldn’t have done it.

We conceded four goals so I changed our shape back and we didn’t concede again but the game was over.

Another issue we had was that Matt Bower wasn’t feeling well although he didn’t tell us until half time while Kyle Rowley picked up an injury in the first half  and that is why they both came off when they did.

But it’s clearly not acceptable.  The players have to show how good they are and if they don’t they need to be changed.

I want to be a manager.  I want to manage this football club and I work relentlessly and tirelessly for this football club, but I can’t change that dressing room again.

Last season we had players such as Jimmy Fry and Will Grocott  from the previous manager’s squad who wanted to be here and the new players who came in had to buy into that ethos.   That has not happened this time round.

As we all know when we went out of the F A Cup the budget was cut as it was felt we weren’t going to compete at the top end so it was decided to save the money for the following season and see if we can have a go then, but you then run the risk of it going the other way.

But we now move forward to the Bromsgrove game on Saturday.  The players may have the chance to put it right as it will be too late to bring others in , but I think that you will have some news before that game and  I have to say  I will be amazed if I’m still talking to you then.”


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