“The players have to take responsibility” – Paul Davis


“All I can do is pick a team, set us up in  certain way and ask us to play in a certain way which I felt we did  for large parts of the first half in particular even though we rode our luck a little bit, but what I can’t do is run for them, pass the ball for them or defend for them” complained a downbeat Paul Davis afterwards.

If we continue to make individual errors against good teams the ball ends up in our net.  All four of their goals were preventable.

But what’s making me angry is that we’re constantly receiving seven day approaches for our players and when that happens there’s players in the dressing room who don’t want to be here.

They want to get out as quick as they can so they’re neglecting responsibility and accountability.

We didn’t give up but it was all down to  our own mistakes and I can’t do anything from the sidelines.

At Peterborough we were only one down at half time and today it was nil nil at half time but in both games we conceded four goals in 20 or so minute spells in the second half.

I said to Steve Walker in the week are we fit enough and he said yes.  So we set them targets such as the distance to cover on their GPS vests and I’d be surprised if they didn’t meet those targets today.  I though that they worked hard but at the wrong stages of the game.  When it really mattered how many of them wanted to put their head in the way  of the ball ?

So the players in that dressing room have to take full responsibility for both last week and this week because I  can’t  actually do it for them.

We’re not putting in seven day approaches ourselves  at the minute because the belief in the football club is that the players are good enough, but the team is not.”

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