“We’ve got to learn from this” – skipper Ross Oulton

“We’ve got young players and they’ve just got to learn from it” was skipper Ross Oulton’s honest reaction afterwards.   “I don’t think any of them have suffered a 6-0 before, but we’re lacking experience at the moment .

It’s a new team and it’s still gelling. I  It will come but it takes time.  We’re not bad players but we just need to get together in training to put it right.

Sometimes it’s just individual errors like not dealing with your man and this afternoon we couldn’t cope with the left side at all.   We didn’t sort it out on an individual player basis.

They’re an experienced team who used the conditions well and it was too much for us in the second half.

So all you can do is go back  and think I can’t do that again.

The results will come.  We’re good at home but we do need to sort our away form out.”

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