“The Halesowen players were all 7 or 8 out of 10 while ours were only 4 or 5” – Paul Davis

“I don’t know how to put that into words.” admitted a deflated Paul Davis as he stood in for Tommy Wright afterwards. ” Even when you’re talking to the ;players afterwards you find yourself saying the same things  and you begin to think what’s the point of saying those same things over and over again.

At least we’ve now got a clear week to prepare for our next game at Hitchin where Nabil will in all probability be suspended.   I’ve spoken to him and he’s adamant  he didn’t touch their player in the face.

The game was being videoed so we’ll look at it and if the video shows he didn’t hit him in the face we’ll appeal  so we’ll see but knowing Nabil as I do I have to say it was com;pletely out of character.

But as far as the game was concerned we again couldn’t deal with  Luke Yates. We thought he might play in the pocket as he did in the League Cup game and we watched them a couple of times but he played wide right instead and he terrorised us.

He created the first goal by brushing past Charley O”Keefe so we brought on Dan Vann at half time while the second goal is a free header from a set piece..

Our defenders are given specific men to mark before every game so for someone to have a free header like that is very very frustrating.

And the third goal was similar.   I told our centre halves what Montel Gibson is all about and not to let him have a yard or get in behind you but they are totally static and allowed those two things to happen with the inevitable result. .

But the truth is that if you are going to win a game of football you need  players to put in 7 or 8 out of 10 performances.   Their players did that but ours were only 4 or 5 out of 10 and we got what we deserved.”

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