A request from the Treasurer’s office


Did you know that, from the last four home friendlies, over the last fortnight, I have now banked approximately £470.00 into the STISA coffers ? This being the proceeds of our successful 50/50 draw and the new meat raffle draw (we are indebted to Paul Collicutt for a donation of well over £100 worth of prime meat for each home match).

As supporters will know, a small band of ticket sellers form a “barrier” between turnstile and pitch-side and this has proved effective in drawing punters – home, away, neutral and first-timers – into parting with their cash ! We have worked hard and tirelessly throughout last season, and recently, to generate a loyal and generous client-base, with whom we enjoy a harmonious rapport…. as well as undertaking friendly, jovial banter !

The dedicated volunteers are not always available every match, and indeed more may be needed for large crowd games. Therefore we are looking to set up a rota of STISA members to swell the profitable fund raising team for a stint of 45-60 minutes before each game, which can include a brief visit to the boardroom “inner sanctum” to relieve occupants of their cash !

We envisage such a rota would only entail assistance being needed every 3-4 games.
Please enlist a.s.a.p to let STISA to continue to enjoy the rewards of a great cash-builder, towards aiding STFC in certain projects. We never pass any cash to STFC directly as we control how our funds are used. We believe that the recent purchase of a mower/roller has improved the playing surface greatly and will generate top class football.

Please see myself (Martin Brookes) or Chris Simpson at any home game or give your name to Jim Connolly or Doug Armstrong. Similarly, if you feel that you can volunteer to help STFC in any way or contribute to STISA on the committee front, please make the appropriate contact. Your time will not be wasted.

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