Disabled supporters facilities- Can you help?

The Supporters Association are looking for practical help from local businesses to improve facilities for disabled supporters at the Arden Garages stadium. Through activities such as the successful 50/50 match day draw the association have already raised funds for projects such as a new public address system and are now turning their attention to making sure wheelchair users can enjoy live football in their community.
Funds are in place for this ambitious project but we require help from companies with the engineering skills to turn the vision in to reality. Whilst companies that provide off the shelf covered spectator shelters, and wheelchair ramps exist, we cannot seem to find any company who can combine these two elements in to one integrated solution. We therefore feel that we need to work with partners on a bespoke design that fulfils this brief. The below picture is just an example to give people an idea of roughly the kind of thing we had in mind but we are open minded and hope to be guided by the experts as to how we best meet the requirements of wheelchair users.

Richard Underwood standBy working together with companies on this project we hope to generate positive publicity for all and highlight the positive role that the association and Stratford Town play in the local community. If you are interested in helping us with this great project please contact us at stratfordtownISA@gmail.com

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