Toggie Talk- The weeks ahead

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This season has 5 ½ weeks to go (plus play-offs) and I thought I’d set out the situation in our division together with the formulae for ultimate promotion to the National League North & South – hopefully involving the “boys in blue”. Many of you may already be aware of it all. However, it does not hurt to look forward as well as back with reports and photos

First up, after the last league games on 27 April, are the Southern  Premier League Central play –offs, where  2nd  – 5th have one-off games for semi-final and final (2 home to 5, 3 home to 4 with winner of former home in final.

As there are only 6 places available for promotion to National Lesage North and South (3 to each) from the four premier divisions, only the champions get automatic promotion. Of no consequence to Town, presumably Northern League and Southern Central go to North and Isthmian and Southern South go to South. Of more interest to Town, the four runners up play in 2 one-off games to decide the last two promotion places (“Super Play Offs”) – geographically decided by the FA-with the highest goal: game ratio team at home.

So the road is still long and hard. I am looking at Stourbridge realistically being 2nd, Biggleswade drifting out of contention, thus leaving 3 from a likely 5 vying for places for places 3-5. The remaining fixtures for the contenders are shown in the below Excel spreadsheet link (home left, away right).

Step 3 playoffs

One would say Coalville have the easiest, yet most, fixtures to grab one slot (although current form is not good) and Town and Kings Lynn, with points in the bag, to seize the other two. However I am making no predictions here in the aforementioned – just observations!  Certainly this Saturday’s encounter at Knights Lane is a most vital match for both teams, with KL in the better recent form of the two.

Hold onto your hats for the bumpy road ahead and let’s hope we do finish in the play-offs with possible mouth-watering home games providing potential upward movement, STFC matchday money and fantastic STISA 50/50 income !

Up the Town!!

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