Exciting times for your club – Why not join the Supporters Association?

It’s exciting times to be a supporter of Stratford Town, with a talented side on the pitch and an ambitious and enthusiastic new board putting in considerable investment in to the club. Therefore there’s never been a better time to join the Supporters Association and have your voice heard.

If the club is to grow and prosper as we all hope, it’s important that we have a strong Supporters Association to provide voluntary support as well as fund the projects which we work on in collaboration with the club.

The Supporters Association provides a voice for fans of course, but all through our brief history we’ve often heard people complain that the Association doesn’t necessarily represent their views. To this we would say, the views of the Supporters Association can only reflect those who choose to become a member and have their views heard. We can only mirror the views of our membership and the only way you can influence the views of the Association is to join us.

Everything we do, from who sits on the committee, to which projects we fund and collaborate with the club on, is voted for democratically by the members. All supporters can join and be proposed for committee posts, so if the membership doesn’t like the way the committee conducts its business on their behalf, they can vote them off for people who better reflect their views and opinions.

As an association we are always looking to attract new people to bring fresh ideas, skills and energy to the table, and ahead of our second Annual general meeting on Monday 22nd October we are saying why not join us at this exciting time for your football club? We are confident that the next 12 months will be an exciting time for us with some great projects in the pipeline.

Joining the Supporters Association costs only £10 per annum (collected by standing order) with membership for under 16’s just £2. All this money goes back in to projects decided on by the members in collaboration with the football club, and to the upkeep of this website, but for your money you get a voice and hopefully the feeling of involvement and putting something back in to a club and community, of which we are all so proud. We’ll also send you minutes of every members meeting, so who could ask for more?

To me there is no down side to joining so hopefully having read this you will agree and sign up today.

To join the Supporters Association please visit https://stratfordtownisa.com/first-team/home/join-stisa/  and click on the standing order form link.

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