The run-in countdown

Toggie’s Town Talk has been proud and honoured to be able to contribute an occasional article to this website in times gone by. With a blank week due to weather, I felt moved to present relevant information and concoct my own personal view of the remainder of the season – without resorting to a prediction !

Town’s manager, Carl Adams, has had a season-long desire to finish the season in the top ten, but – failing that – to finish higher than last season. Whilst the former target has long gone, we are in a battle with probably St. Neots, Redditch and Biggleswade to attain the latter. He certainly hoped that we would get more points than last season also. This would appear the most likely positive outcome as we require just six points from our last six games, sitting in 14th slot. Last season.  we drew far too many games thus restricting our final outcome.

Town’s six fixtures show some difficult and tricky ones with a couple of “winables”. St Neots (13th) appear to have the better run-in of seven games, with 15th placed Redditch’s six games a “mixed bag” – very similar to Biggleswade’s nine games in 16th

The situatons for each club are as follows :-

St. Neots P39 Pts 51 GD -5

Home – St. Ives, Redditch, Banbury, Gosport

Away – Kings Langley, Dorchester, Kings Lynn

Redditch P40 Pts 48 GD -1

Home – Weymouth, Royston, Tiverton

Away – St.Ives, St. Neots, Merthyr

Biggleswade P37 Pts 47 GD -2

Home – Slough, TOWN, Hereford, Dorchester, Dunstable

Away – Tiveron, Banbury, Royston, Kings Langley.

Town P40 Pts 51 GD -9

We face Slough and Basingstoke at home and travel to Biggleswade, St. Ives, Bishops Stortford and Banbury.

In the most recent six matches’ form guide, we trail Biggleswade closely but lead Redditch and St. Neots by 2-3 points. Worryingly, Town have conceded 14 goals in their last 5 games (but did win handsomely at Farnborough).

It still is remarkable that we can generally hold our own at this level of football. There is a definite elite of at least 6-8 teams in this league with the midsection also quire competitive, leaving a bottom set of also-rans

Therefore it is an interesting run-in to see if we can improve on last season. Since “The Coming of Carl”, we have been fortunate to go on a journey of ascent, enjoyed by all Townites. We can soon hopefully look forward to our participation in the new league formation of non-league Midland clubs.

Up the Town !

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