Welcome back little friend

T’was before last Guy Fawkes night

But subsequent to Halloween

That Secretary Rose got such a fright

By what had not been lately seen


What was it made him shiver and scream

As he opened up the office drawers ?

Was it all part of an unusual dream

Or was it the creakng of the doors ?


As he searched for a long lost document

He reached into the dark back space

And over a soft bundle his fingers went

What was it that made his “ticker” race ?


Bravely he extracted this mystery bag

To then breathe slower to end his fright

It was only the original supporters’ flag

Not missing – just stored well out of sight !


We’ve now two banners bound for Lancaster

To proudly show our support for the Town

But who will be our second flag master

To raise this banner and then take it down ?


Right now Carl and the lads need our backing

In Cup, Trophy and to climb the table

So let’s send all our opponents packing

By showing as much support as we are able








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