STFC online fans forum

Just a reminder from Martin’s post last year.

As well as our web-page and Facebook account, there has been a supporters’ forum in existence for many years. It is found at . There, within certain parameters and rules, anyone with a love for, a concern about , have any news to tell, or want to discuss anything about, Stratford Town Football Club can post what they want to say – under a user name (with password). “Smilies” are available to enhance your postings. Private messages between users can also be done. There is even a prediction game to enjoy throughout the season !

To register, you will need ready access to an email address, telephone number and provide other optional information. The registration process has been problematic to some in the past but only because they have not immediately logged on once they have been emailed by Phil Saunders (the administrator) to confirm their registration. Follow the instructions carefully and be ready to log on quickly. Thereafter, the forum is open “24/7” to read and exchange views however long or short.

The supporters forum has been largely silent in recent months such is our trust in Carl Adams but after last night’s woes in front of goal I’ve been moved to mull over our striker situation. Perhaps after the recent FA cup interest in STFC this might be a good time to breathe life back in to the forum?

One thought on “STFC online fans forum


    Couldn’t agree more. Can’t supporters find just a few minutes to talk about Town on a dedicated forum web site in a constructive way. I am not a fan of social media (suited only to very short comments via mobile). So go to your computer, laptop etc and actually discuss Town matters, and feel as though you are actually supporting them !


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