The squad takes shape – continued

With more and more positive news breaking out on social media and the new STFC website, Townites can be pleased how the squad has now almost been completed. With one or two names from last season’s squad not mentioned as ye, it is still too early to know their futures. However, here’s another jovial ditty to ramp up excitement, expectation, exhilaration as we – or is it just me ? – think about the current notified squad commitments, now under hard preseason training and fitness treatment.

By George, left side midfield has a new recruit

Carl’s new signing will most certainly suit

Justin’s back, a welcome return

As opposition backs are soon to learn

Hard man Fitz will cover our back four

Couldn’t wish for anything more

Great to see back the popular Guy

Best defender money just can’t buy

“Keeping up appearances” that is Emmitt

As Hyacinth thinks he’s always such a hit

Liam returns as a squad insider

Why has he always been called “Spider”

Jamie reappears as the second choice keeper

His height alone makes him our highest leaper

Last but not least our “Charlies” – what a great pair

Overlook playing them, Carl, if you dare !


Those are now eighteen players that are in the public domain. Does anyone know more ?


Up the Town !





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