Just to keep our website ticking over here are a few quiz questions, provided by Rod, have fun, answers next week.

1. Which part of London is famous for its Diamond trade?
2. What was first broadcast from Greenwich by the BBC in February 1924?
3. Who is the longest reining British King?
4 Which Sport was the subject of the Poppewell Report in 1985?
5 Which building was Prime Minister Lloyd George the first to use?
6 Who was the first person to manage Everton 3 times?
7 Who was first to win the US Masters Golf 5 times?
8 Who scored the last minute play off goal for Crystal Palace in 1997?
9 Who was the first jockey to ride seven Derby winners?
10 Who did Gazza flick the ball over for the goal against Scotland in the Euro 96?

No cheating by looking up the answers on the internet, this is just a bit of fun!

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