Travelling Toggie talks of Tangerine Town’s tussle to a tame tie

The St Neots’ club motto is  “All for one and one for all”. So it was the four musketeers – Stuart, Andy, Rod and Martin (yes,  ‘tis mine origin, proper Christian name – seldom used by Townfolk ! ) who embarked on their quest to see that at least one, better three, points were brought back from Cambridgeshire to Warwickshire.

“Four ?”  you ask. Yes, well, in the 17th century, they were not good at counting and there was a film to be made 400 years later.

Athos, Aramis. Porthos and D’artagnan drove from Tiddington to Warwick to the A46. M6, A14 (corridor of the wind farms) to eventually find their way along the A1 and into St, Neots.

I remember the stadium, from last season’s coach trip, that it is a relatively new arena behind a modern looking housing estate. The main building block contains administration, changing rooms, function room, bars and boardroom. The club itself has a similar history to Town in that it has only relatively recently risen from lower levels, stadium is approximately 9 years old and, in the last twenty years, has also been locked out of the ground due to financial issues !

Rather than describe the ground, I have produced pictorial shots. One shot is of the snack kiosk, outside the match-day bar, which shows a cinema-type queuing system. DCS please note ! The photos were mainly taken before the game, during my pre-match walk-around, when most of the 253 crowd were not there !


206205209203The game itself, played in sunshine throughout and on a decent pitch, did not rise to any great height but produced the right result, I think. Town were the more pleased with a point as they had not performed that well for the first hour.

Townites were well distributed around the ground but, again, their frustration was shown in there being little real vocal support – apart from for the latish, but well-taken, equaliser. My snap is of the “official snapper” capturing the joy of the boys in tangerine.

The usual post-match chats and results-gathering (and watching the feeding of the players) was followed by a non-eventful return leg in the “Stu-mobile” for the “4xM’s”. Sadly without a coach again, there needed to be a number of supporter and officials cars as well as the car-sharing squad and team management. I fear that no more driver Paul, “predictor”, occasional quiz, “Sim music” and the camaraderie will be seen and enjoyed this season.

Next up – Friday night down the M40 to the home of Beaconsfield SYCOB ….. and (temporarily) Hayes & Yeading.

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