Toggie’s Table Talk

No. There will be no Shakespearean quotes :indeed, no writing in full-blooded language of yore (sorry, old !).Respect however to my learned friend and Town FC columnist Joe, who probably has more jobs than George Osborne but substantially less paid ones !

I know that I am probably not alone in my euphoria after Town’s magnificent win, and performance, on Saturday. It leaves us in 16th position with 48 points from 41 games. Last season, from 46 games, we finished 19th with 50 points (4 points clear of the relegation zone). So an improved position is definitely “on the cards”

I have previously asked “will Town avoid the drop” although I secretly thought we were safe at least two or three weeks back. To be 12 points above the relegation “probables” is pleasing and is surely enough. Let’s  be perfectly honest here ; it would take a miraculous sudden change of form in the 5-6 games left during April for the current “suspects” to alter matters, even if Town did fail  to pick up many more points.

So now I turn to looking upwards in the league table. We have now overtaken Redditch and have St. Ives and Dunstable in our sights, being just two points adrift of them, but with a better goal difference. So the possibility is there for Town to grab 14th slot if we can maintain our momentum and do marginally better than they do. Current form suggests that we should stay above Dorchester and St. Neots and perhaps keep above Redditch to cement 16th place.

However, could we finish an amazing 14th ? This would be bittersweet as Carl will be disappointed in the games thrown and unsatisfactory number of draws we have had to take !  Only Weymouth and Kings Lynn have drawn more games than us and they are safely in mid-table. St. Ives have tricky matches to face, Redditch have four home games, Dunstable have possibly the easier run-in ….. but Town have perhaps the better remaining fixtures. In any event however, we do seem capable of a better finishing position than our first season in the SLP. This will have to be seen as success for Carl and the lads, given the budget available at DCS. No-one expected a top ten finish, more like lower half consolidation or relegation avoidance.

At the top of the table I fully expect the “blues” at Chippenham to take the crown because of their better consistency than Leamington. The fifth play-off place will be mightily close between Merthyr and Banbury, which I think the Welshmen may just nick it, as Banbury have to travel to Leamington on Easter Monday.

Whichever way it all turns out for Town, it would be nice to think that, as part of being a member of the STISA fund-raising and volunteering brigade, members will have also considered giving match-day support – both away and home – for the rest of the season, and years to come. The lads deserve it and do appreciate our support.

Up the Town !

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