Will Town avoid the drop (Part 2) and Kings Langley preview


Faithful members of STISA, and Townites, may be slightly twitchy right now, some content and confident, but surely all still  religiously watch for SLP results and the current table situation. The “bottom 8” are still there, form has changed for some and Town’s recent results have been very up and down. We sit in 18th position, ten points clear of the trap door. However, crucially we now play five of the survival contenders in the closing five weeks of the season. Four of these are away from home and it is a month since any success on the road.

Our opponents on Saturday are Kings Langley, who do not have a very good record at home, a current low form rate of 22%, but probably – at a pinch – have enough points to see that Hayes and Reading, Cambridge, Cirencester and Cinderford make the drop. The matter of ground grading may already have certain contenders not able to stay up, but this is a matter for the season end.. However, excluding this factor, it is conceivable that any poor run of results from any of the “higher four” could result in worrying times before 22 April !

The best way for Town to ensure SLP football in 2017/8 is to win this Saturday and then put  some – or all – of the other contenders “to the sword”. We do have two hard home games also to consider – even without the threat of Dorchester. We may finish 16th if we do well but, if not so well, we could be 19/20th . This latter position would sadly show no improvement on last season.

The current situations for all eight clubs is shown below.


Points – 42

Games left – 8

Home –  Banbury, Kettering, Dorchester

Away – Kings Langley, St. Neots, Hayes & Yeading, Cinderford

Season success rates – Home 40%/Away 31%

Form (last 6) – 48%



Points – 44

Games left – 7

Home –  Hitchin, Kings Lynn, Basingstoke

Away –  St. Ives, Biggleswade, Cambridge, TOWN

Season success rates – Home 30%/Away 25%

Form (last 6) – 56%


St. Neots

Points – 38

Games left – 8

Home –  TOWN, Merthyr, Dunstable

Away – Cirencester, Kings Lynn, Hayes & Yeading, Chippenham, Cambridge

Season success rates – Home 45%/Away 20%

Form (last 6) – 56%


Kings Langley

Points – 37

Games left –7

Home –  TOWN, Merthyr, Cirencester

Away –  Weymouth, Leamington, Redditch, Hayes & Yeading

Season success rates – Home 32%/Away 32%

Form (last 6) – 22%



Points – 31

Games left – 8

Home –  Cinderford, Dorchester, St. Neots

Away –  Cinderford, Weymouth, Merthyr, Cirencester, Kettering

Season success rates – Home 30%/Away 24%

Form (last 6) – 28%



Points – 30

Games left – 7

Home –  St. Neots,  Redditch, Cambridge, Chippenham

Away –  Kettering, Slough, Kings Langley

Season success rates – Home 26%/Away 25%

Form (last 6) – 17%


Hayes & Yeading

Points – 32

Games left – 8

Home –  Cinderford, St. Neots, Banbury, TOWN, Kings Langley

Away –  Biggleswade, Dunstable, Merthyr

Season success rates – Home 30%/Away 27%

Form (last 6) – 28%



Points – 21

Games left – 11

Home – Cambridge, Kings Lynn, Kettering, Leamington, Banbury, TOWN

Away – Hayes & Yeading, Slough, Cambridge, Basingstoke, Dunstable

Season success rates – Home 33%/Away 7%

Form (last 6) – 56%


So very much still in our own hands, statistics prove nothing and “it’s not over ‘til the fat lady sings”.

Up the Town !

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