Dismally disappointing display down at Dunstable

Jim and yours truly kept Rod company from Warwick down the M40 to J10, across parts of Northants, Bucks and Beds to Bletchley and then down the A5 into Dunstable. A steady journey in busy traffic but we arrived by 6.30pm for our stand-in secretary to undertake his pre-match duties.

On our arrival, I immediately remembered this ground and facilities from last season. For seasoned travelling Townites, we see vastly differing arenas and crowds. Impressive old and new grounds with big stands and healthy crowds down to quiet little grounds more akin to midweek graveyards !  Creasey Park Community Football Centre fell well into the latter category.

The pitch was OK if, surprisingly, a little dry. The surrounds were most ordinary, ,starting from a nearside single story building containing, kitchen, small bar, small boardroom and changing rooms. No main stand as a focal point ! The bar/boardroom does double as a function room for the community centre when the folding partitions can be unlocked and rolled away. Whilst I sat in the bar, the sound of an over-running funeral party could be heard on the other side. An innovation, not seen at other grounds, was that food could be ordered – not from the kiosk window – but from the good-sized menu in the bar, which had EPOS link to the kitchen ! However, as the crowd attendance was a paltry 74 (lowest of the season) the ordering was done by word of mouth !

Outside there was merely standing room in between this block and the pitch. Behind the far goal end was grass banking with the tiniest covered terracing I have seen – approximately 20 foot/6 metres wide with 4 rows ! The far side had the obligatory covered seating along half the length, four steps deep. The near end had the remaining covered terracing – about twice the size of the other end’s “effort”!

The travelling Blue Army nearly reached double figures ; the named squad was fifteen of which fourteen were present. Things started reasonably well and belief grew that the balance of play and chances created would lead to a positive result. All this was blown away by a farcical defensive mistake ten minutes before the break. This was to turn the confidence factor of team and supporters right down and which was to be finally killed off early on in the second half. Apart from the annoyance of the match and result, my main gripe from my visit to this stadium was the continuous buzzing from the PA system, heard above the silence of the crowd and the shouting of the players !

If a team hopes to win a game it has two basic functions to perform : [1] do not give goals away [2] take scoring chances. Town failed miserably in both (especially the dire defending) and showed their “Jekyll and Hyde” traits again. Another “Kings Lynn” was produced. Were the two Biggleswades, Chippenham and Chesham performances out of character ?

Carl was “man enough” to apologise to each and every supporter there, which was much appreciated. He need not have done so however as it was –again – the eleven on the pitch who need to think on ! Frustration and disappointment all round.

We departed this graveyard quite quickly, took the M1 to Daventry etc and arrived “Chez Rod” at 11.30pm.

The joys and tribulations of watching Town on the road ! What would “our Will” have written, I wonder ?

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