The Association is pleased to announce that they have made their first donation to the Football Club with the purchase of an Ultrasound Machine.  This machine helps to speed up recovery from ligament, muscle and tendon injuries, and was presented to the team physio Joe Perkins before Monday’s match against Cinderford Town by the Association’s Chairman Rob Maisey.

Receiving the new piece of equipment Joe Perkins commented “This will  be a tremendous asset. Anything that assists in returning players to full fitness as quickly as possible is invaluable,  and I am very grateful to the Association for funding its purchase.”

Rob Maisey added “The acquisition of the scanner is the perfect example of what our Association is all about.  Our sole aim is to help the Football Club grow and prosper, and if we can do this by providing items which the Club might not otherwise be able to afford then we are more than happy to do so.”


STISA committee members present Joe with the Ultrasound machine prior to kick off.


STISA Chairman Rob Maisey and Physio Joe Perkins with the scanner in the treatment room.

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